Home Inspections for Health and Energy Savings Seminar

Join us for a unique and highly informative seminar presented by Leigh Alexander, CDS Inspections & Beyond, Inc., a certified home and environmental hazards inspector.

  • Low cost ways to decrease your energy costs.
  • check on the health of your home –
    • Mold identification and prevention
    • Lead and asbestos hazards
  • Information about radon in Nebraska.
    • What is radon?
    • How to test for radon?
    • Radon mitigation

Register for a free, 30 minute, targeted home inspection to be provided on October 23rd, from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, within the O’Neill city limits, where Leigh will look for environmental concerns, including mold due to the recent flooding.

Call 402.336.1504 or email kristi@growholt.com to register for this seminar.

If you cannot make it to the seminar, but still want to have your home inspected, call 402.336.1504 to schedule a time.