Community Overview

Church in Ewing, NebraskaOld photo of a family in Ewing, NebraskaDowntown Ewing, Nebraska




Today, Ewing’s population is 387 and is linked to the outside by Highway 275. The people of Ewing take pride in being part of a caring community, rich with history.

This part of Nebraska went unnoticed for many years. Not until May 1870 did a covered wagon turn off the trail and stop just below the north and south forks of the Elkhorn River. James Ewing and his family decided this was a good place to settle, so started carving out a home, found a good water supply, and planted a garden and “sod corn.”

In 1911, the seven Savidge brothers of Ewing constructed and flew one of the first heavier-than-air machines made in Nebraska. In partnership as inventors, mechanics and pilots, their aircraft was an exposed cockpit biplane model. The brothers perfected their airplane until they were sure it was safe and then started on barnstorming trips in the Midwest states. During this time Matt, the most daring of the boys, learned to loop the plane as well as other stunts. He was the first pilot in the world to introduce skywriting.

Commercial Services

Electric motor repair services in city: 1

Type of newspaper in city: Weekly
Local radio station(s): 3

Number of TV channels received without cable: 1
Cable antenna television serves city: Yes
Maximum number of cable channels received: 42

Number of protestant churches: 3
Number of catholic churches: 1

Number of motels and hotels in city: 1
Total number of rooms available: 8

Number of banks in city: 1

Chamber of Commerce: No


Public SchoolsNumber of SchoolsEnrollmentTeacher / Student Ratio
Junior / Senior High11931:11
Summerland Elementary School consists of 227 students in grades PK-6. Summerland reports student data using NWEA (MAP) assessments and the NSCAS tests. The school improvement process is coordinated through membership in the Northern Tier consortium. Summerland uses NDE Frameworks for school improvement model of continuous improvement. Summerland Junior High/High School consists of 178 students in grades 7-12. Summerland reports student data using NWEA (MAP) assessments and the NSCAS tests. Summerland competes in class C2 activities for girls, C2 activities for boys, and combined activities Summerland competes in class C. The school improvement process is coordinated through membership in the Northern Tier consortium. Summerland uses the NDE Frameworks school improvement model of continuous improvement.

Health Facilities

Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital, a 25-bed unit, is located in O’Neill, 21 miles away. They provide the community with 19 out-patient clinics and up-to-date services. There are two medical clinics in O’Neill with five medical doctors. A doctor visits the clinic in Ewing once a week. The GoldenLiving Center, an 88-bed nursing home, The Evergreen, a 33-unit assisted living, and Valley Hope, a 75-bed rehabilitation and treatment center, are also located in O’Neill. There are five dentists also located in O’Neill.


Median Home Value$83,537
Total Housing Units203
Owner Occupied Units136
Renter Occupied Units31
Vacant Units36

Largest Employers

RankBusiness NameService SectorProduct / ServiceNumber EmployedUnions
1Ewing Public SchoolsEducationSchool36Yes
2Graber TruckingTransportation, Warehousing, and UtilitiesFlatbed Trucking33No
3PST-NPP Hog Production UnitsOther ServicesHog Production30No
4Anson ElectricProfessional & Business ServicesIrrigation & Electric19No
5Holt TransportationTransportation, Warehousing, and UtilitiesFlatbed Trucking17No
6Polloch Redi MixOther ServicesHog Production13No
7Iowa Select FarmsOther ServicesHog Production13No
8Fry DairyOther ServicesDairy Farm6No
9Farmer's PrideOtherFuel/Farm Needs5No
10Farmer's State BankFinanceBanking, Insurance4No

Municipal Services

Type of GovernmentVillage Board
Comprehensive City PlanNo
City ManagerNo
City EngineerYes
County Zoning Ordinance in EffectYes
Garbage Service ProviderCity
Public Library in CityYes
Percent of Streets Paved90%
Number Volunteer Fire Department Personnel20
Fire Insurance ClassInside City: 8, Outside City: 10

Standard building codes are enforced in the village of Ewing. Fire protection is provided to the village of Ewing and the rural areas by a 20-member volunteer fire department; 11 members are EMT certified. The department also provides protection to areas outside the community and responds to mutual aid calls with area communities and the Rural Fire District. There are 35 fire hydrants in Ewing. A new fire hall was built in the fall of 2008 and additional interior work will be completed as time and funding are available. The Fire Department has up-to-date fire equipment including 2 ambulances. The Ewing Township Library contains 4,000 volumes with an average annual circulation of 1,500. The library has books and movies for check out. Story hour is held four times each summer. Other library resources include a computer with Internet access, book clubs, and a library commission.


General Population Stats

AreaProjected Population 2028Population 2023Census Year: 2020% Change
Holt County9,90310,02210,403-0.03%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Estimates, July 2014

County Age Distribution

Age0-1920-3435-4445-6465+Total% Split
Male1,1637595061.4671,1635,05850.5 %
Female1,0926954471,4401,3404,96449.5 %
Median Age (2023): 47.7
Source: Esri forecasts for 2023 and 2028. U.S. Census Bureau 2000 and 2010 decennial Census data converted by Esri into 2020 geography.

Tax Structure

Actual Valuation of City: $8,332,320 (Year 2015)

Real Property Tax Rates ($ per $100 of actual value)

CityCountySchoolOtherTotal Real Property

Bond Indebtedness


All real property is subject to tax at market value. Agricultural land is valued at 72 percent of its market value. Personal property that is used in a trade or business and is depreciable is subject to tax at its “net book value.” All other personal property is exempt from taxation.


Number & Type of Roads Serving Community

Type of RoadFederalStateCounty
Interstate Highways
Limited Access, Four-Lane Highways
Improved Two-Lane Highways11

Nearest Highways

Highway NameMiles
Miles to Nearest Interstate HighwayInterstate 9095
Miles to Nearest Four-Lane HighwayUS Hwy 275 near Battle Creek45

Motor Freight Carriers

More than 13,500 licensed motor carriers with worldwide connections are based in Nebraska and serve businesses throughout North America.

Transit Time for Carload or Truckload Lots

DestinationDistance by Highway MilesDays by RailroadDays by Motor Freight
Omaha167N/A1 Day
Lincoln180N/A1 Day
Chicago613N/A1-2 Days
Dallas714N/A2-3 Days
Denver513N/A1-2 Days
Kansas City352N/A1-2 Days
Los Angeles1528N/A2-3 Days
Minneapolis387N/A1-2 Days
New York1387N/A3-5 Days
St. Louis605N/A2-3 Days

There are two trucking firms in Ewing including Graber Trucking and Holt Transfer. Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital provides transportation for Holt County residents. Out-of-town transportation is provided as scheduled.


Distance to nearest public airport25 minutes
Elevation2,031 feet
Length of longest runway4,400 feet
Runway lightedYes
Private aircraft storage availableYes
Private aircraft maintenance availableYes
Distance to nearest commercial air transportation100 minutes

Distance to Nearest International Airport

Name of AirportMiles to Airport
from Community
Omaha Eppley International173
Kansas City International338
Denver International456

O’Neill Municipal Airport is located 2 miles northwest of O’Neill. The airport has a 4,400 foot lighted and paved runway and a 3,030 foot paved runway. Facilities include 100 low lead fuel, beacon, VOR, overnight hangar storage, overnight lodging, next day air freight, wind sock, wind tee, major and minor repair, tie down, terminal, and automated weather service. Twenty-one private planes are hangared there; none are available for charter.



State electric power deregulated?No
Wholesale SupplierElkhorn Rural Public Power District

Electric System Operator

Elkhorn Rural Public Power District

Phone: (800) 675-2185
Website: www.erppd.com
Email: erppd@erppd.com

The Village of Ewing is served electric power by Elkhorn Rural Public Power District (ERPPD), a wholesale power customer of NPPD. Service is supplied by a 34.5 kV substation with one incoming feed at 34.5 kV and three outgoing feeds at a voltage of 2.4 kV. The community is supplied with three 500 kW transformers.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Service AvailableYes
Supplier in CommunityBlack Hills Energy


ProviderVillage of Ewing
Major SourceWell
If Wells, Average Depth183 feet
Storage Capacity50,000 gallons
Temperature Range34-50 (degrees Fahrenheit)

The municipal water system in Ewing is supplied by 3 wells, which have an average depth of 183 feet. The system has a pumping capacity of 850 gallons per minute and serves 99.5 percent of the village population. The overhead storage capacity is 50,000 gallons. The average daily demand is 21,000 gallons, and the historic peak daily demand is 400,000 gallons. The system has a maximum capacity 1,274,000 gallons per day. The static pressure is 41 pounds per square inch and the residual pressure is 40 pounds per square inch. A 280 foot well produces 480 gallons of water per minute. The color of the water is clear. Capital improvements to be completed by 2013 include the painting of the water tower at a cost of $27,000. This project will be financed by revenue funds.

Sanitation / Waste Water

Name of ProviderVillage of Ewing
Type of ServiceMunicipal sanitary sewage system
Sewer Connection FeeYes

The community also has a storm sewer system serving a small part of the town. The lagoon treatment plant, built in 1972, has a daily capacity of 334,000 gallons, an average daily flow of 110,000 gallons, and a historic peak daily discharge of 300,000 gallons.


Name of Local Service ProviderGreat Plains Communication, Inc.

Great Plains Communication, Inc. has a digital central office in Ewing. Telstrat with ESA off Copercom switch is available in Wausa. Extended area service from Ewing is available to Orchard and Page.