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Position Summary:

The Financial Counselor is responsible with working with our accounts in self pay status and utilizing the policies and procedures that are in place to help our patients to provide payment.  They will work with the patients in completing and reviewing charity care and MyLoan applications and other options as indicated in our policies.  They will apply patient payments and the deposits for the facility. They will work closely with the collection agency and the transferring of accounts to bad debt status.


Education:  Graduate of accredited high school or equivalent, one or two years of college preferred
Experience: Customer Service, Business Office or Financial Counseling /bad debt collections experience is preferred, but not required.

Essential Position Responsibilities: 

Need to have an understanding of basic bookkeeping and accounting procedures.
Knowledge of principles and practices of the healthcare revenue cycle.
Knowledge of collections policies and procedures.
Be able to operate a multi-line telephone system.
Be able to operate computer, scanner, calculator, and copiers, fax machine and printers efficiently and effectively.
Be familiar with and able to use computer programs such as Word, Excel, email and the Internet.
Be able to multi-task and switch from one task to another when interrupted by coworker, customer or phone call.
Run collection reports.
Send collection letters (Clinic/Hospital) and Make collection calls.
Process return mail/search for correct address via contacts.
Assist patients in completing charity care apps and MyLoans.
Responsible for Petty Cash for the Facility- All components.
Distinguish charity assistance /mail letters to patients informing them of the decision.
Visit with patients and set up payment agreements and inform patients of other options available to them.
Enter private pay payments received from patients.
Assist patients via phone on account balance/recent payments/charges.
Work with collection agencies.
Transfer balances on the system in and out of Bad Debt.
Work with clinic nurses and providers to assist patients apply for medication assistance.
Inform patients of their financial responsibility for surgeries and other procedures that have been prior authorized.
Interviewing patients or their representatives to obtain and confirm personal and insurance information.
Work with Chief Financial Officer to establish and enforce collection policies and procedures.
Retrieve information from the computer system or other means in order to answer questions from patients, by phone or in person and other departments.
Document patient and insurance company transactions and correspondence.
Handle receipt of revenue, control petty cash transactions and enter receipts to A/R accounts onto the computer system and file papers appropriately.
Organize and verify the deposit for the bank and complete appropriate spreadsheets.
Complete annual education requirements.
Check and stock supplies as needed.
Perform related duties as assigned and requested.
Be willing to be called in after normal business hours for duty if needed.
Other Duties as assigned.
Will adhere to WHMS Commitments


West Holt Medical Services is pleased to offer a competitive wage and benefits: Health Insurance, Dental/Vision Insurance, Retirement, Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, Paid Time Off and Extended Sick Leave.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

To apply for this position:

Download the Employment Application 
Email completed application to Director of Human Resources, Kristi Thornburg at thornburgk@westholtmed.org